Passing the Board Exam was never been easy so here’s so tips that might help you to pass the exam.

CHOOSE THE BEST REVIEW CENTER- For me choosing the best review center will certainly give to an instant edge. Pick the one that has a lot of passing students. Because that is an indicator that they know what they are doing. I have to admit also that I learned as much during my review as I did in college especially in the application side. In my case I picked the one that finish early, so that I still have time to self review and digest what is taught in the review center. In contrast to other review center, that their review will last a week before the exam, so the don’t have sufficient time to learn more beside what they learned from the review center.


1. SCHEDULE – I’m suggesting to you to have a calendar in your room and then make an outline of your exam as a basis of your schedule. This will also help you not to cram during the review. Just make sure you have the discipline to follow your schedule.

2. REVIEW MATERIALS- Gather all the material that you will be needing during the review, you can borrow from your classmates and friends or buy some books and review, but usually the review center also provide some reviewer, but in my case that is not that is not enough since they are only distributing some handout or guidelines.

3. ASK SOMEONES HELP – Ask some people who already took the board and ask some advice from them, surely they will give you very helpful tips and advice that you can use during the review or even in the actual examination. Also ask them about the recent examinations like what certain problems in a particular that appears in the examination, and the technique that they used when they took the exam. Ask any thing by the way it’s good because you are learning and at the same time it’s for free.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

-Albert Einstein

4. A STUDY AREA – This one depends on the person, are you a kind of listening to music while studying or do you want a quiet place while studying like me. In my case I like studying at night because I am sensitive in noise, I am very much easily destructed and irritated by the noise so what I did is make the day evening and evening a day for me to be able to study, because that is the time that all the distraction are gone.

5. BE OPTIMISTIC- Optimism is a springboard that enables you to bounce back to your most desired success in passing the board exam. It is a mindset as one Philosopher’s said “I think, therefore I am”. Indeed, when you feel positive that you can pass the licensure, you really can. Research claims that the more the person envisions success, the more it becomes achievable.

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character”

says Albert Einstein.

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

All things being equal, the person with a positive attitude WILL get the promotions and the person with a negative one will not. Work on your likeability factor daily.

6. RELAX – Our brain is not a computer processor which can process 24/7. If you feel so much stress as if no matter how hard you review, nothing comes in, it’s the best time to stop and relax. Try to spend time with your family, friends and special someone. Though you are not learning relative lessons from them, you got motivation. This will help you once again to pursue what you have started.

One thing I have observed is that noisy people are not productive. They toot their own horns their voices are loud but they do not perform well.
The quiet ones are the dangerous ones. They may be silently accomplishing much and because they are productive, they do not have time to indulge in useless revelries.
Be excellent in what you do and here is one important advice I want to share with you: Make a noise quietly.

Pile up Stock KnowledgeMy professor told me that many honor students even from reputable and highly respectable school also flunked the examination (that will somehow boost my confidence as you know I am one of the average students) and they are many, in other words, the outcome of the examination doesn’t rely on intelligence alone, and I agree on him. May be because they are over confidence and/or even lack of preparation. The licensure examination is not a quiz bee thing where the most intelligent individuals are most likely to prevail. This is a marathon contest and the one blessed with immense PATIENCE and GOOD STUDY HABITS are favored. I reviewed almost a day learning the elements of the examinations and concentrating on problem solving, I focus in solving 50 math problems a day math is the foundation so you need to stick into it! After the 50 problems then I proceed to another subject, there are times that I am so lazy that I only solve 20 or even 10 and there are times that I feel so inspired that I can solve 60 or even 70.. But it doesn’t matter! All it matters is you do it EVERYDAY!! Yes, stock knowledge is the key in passing any given licensure examination, and it takes a lot of perseverance, patience and hard work to do it. Keep on moving by reading as many as you can and if necessary solve a lot practice a lot of solving problems until your brain is dead!

ONE THING THAT I LEARNED IN LIFE IS..LIFE IS SUPPOSEDLY HARD, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT GOD INTENDED TO DO TO STRENGTEN US, HE WANTS US TO STRIVE HARD AND PRAY HARDER. I REMEMBER WHAT C. S. Lewis says: “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”
The question is, are you listening?

Do not rely on luck – Extreme luck comes in a blue moon when trying to pass the examination, but I believe that you create your own luck. Why? Simple, the more you review the more you are exposed to a lot of knowledge and when the time calls for you to make a guess, you are actually making an educated guess. Make an “Educated” Guess for multiple choice questions that you don’t know the answer for, try to make an educated guess by eliminating the possible answers that don’t fit the question. For example if you meet a question that has A,B,C,D for choices but you know that it isn’t answerable by choice A and C then you only have to take a guess between B and D. Which gives you a 50% chance of getting the right answer. Way better than a 25% chance right? (more chances of winning ika nga ).So when you are better prepared and indeed battle ready, your answer in every questions have strong chance of extracting the coveted right answers.

Have Faith – I believe that prayer helps greatly in helping you pass an exam (along with hard work). It is very okay to ask for divine providence all the time, but God only help those who help themselves. While you pray do all your job, review hard as you could and for sure God’s blessings will be with you when you take the examination. Let me tell you a story, I have classmate in review center (I will hide his name a.k.a. john rey) he is a very lazy student and always absent, and he is always saying that he will just pray to God for the exam and he’s not study our lessons or even look at it anymore, to make a long story short he pass the exam not only passing the mock exam but one of the highest, I really don’t know what happened and even have an idea, may be he sneak a pick to my classmates paper or something else but the moral lesson of this story is he never run out of Faith, he always believing that something good will happen and if you “believed” that is the time miracle happened! Amazing isn’t it? Therefore PRAYER IS VERY POWERFUL so you better pray!  There are great prayers available which ask for intercession from saints for helping you pass exams. One such saint is St. Joseph of Cupertino, the patron saint of exam takers. And St. Jude, the patron of the hopeless where my classmate mark went every Thursday beside Malacanang Palace (kahit na bumabagyo). You may also go to Baclaran church every Wednesday, may be you can see me and my friend arjay, praying the novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


Motivate Yourself – Always say to yourself that you need to pass the examination with all your might and capabilities, you’re future is at stake here. And always remind yourself to the people who inspire and motivate you the most to study hard, like your family, special someone, and God.

Do Not Pressure Yourself With the Expectations of Other People – You are determined to pass the examination, and what will people speak of your performance is irrelevant and non sense they are not the ones that feed you or shouldered your collegiate fees and expenses and gives allowance. You cannot please anybody. This is your fight not theirs and be sure you are giving your best shot work hard.

Before the Examination – Most examinees usually relax themselves three days before the examination or even 2 weeks as my classmate said. One day before the Examination be sure that you have the necessary materials with you that you will need in the examination.

During the Examination- relax, and take a deep breath often. Answer the easy ones first, but be sure that you have answered every questions 30 minutes before the given time. Don’t get carried away with those examinees that pass their papers at an earlier time. Use your time well, these people are not genius, but rather lacks preparation with the examination and as a result they made guesswork with the test.


Books will be your constant companion during your review, love them and you’ll learn a lot from them. Be persevering and you’ll reap inevitable rewards soon”

“A person who does not invest will never amount to anything.
Before you profit, you should first invest.
There is no short cut to success.
Short term gains equals long-term pains.
Start investing in yourself today.”


Let me tell you a story. My classmate, kuya robin and I was thinking what if we have amnesia during the board exam, and all of our hard works in memorizing all the formula and the lessons that we studied day and night were all gone. Seriouslythere are people who go on mental blank and amnesia state in such a situation of duress. Let us try to avoid that, future board exam taker, passer and (if you follow my advice and devise your own effective ways) topnotcher!

You will not earn it without hard work of some sort, if not during the review sessions, at least in the last 5 years of our college life you were trying so hard to make the grade and master everything. Or even in the last 2 months after the review (sa PATTS) or 2 weeks of the preparation, where you were not able to talk to anybody else because you are cramming everything in.

But we avoid cramming because it’s not dignified and it’s not kind to one’s body. It’s the worst harassment you can possibly inflict on yourself: to cram your ass out, especially during the board exam. Some people find it effective, and I respect that. But my recommendation for long preparation is a tried and tested thing, believe me brothers and sisters.

Give it your all. Do it right the first time .Do it now! Baka mag-double or triple take ka pa nyan, sayang naman yung time mo. The chances of passing the exam diminish each time you fail it because it lowers your morale more and more. But never lose hope! Meron akong kilala, 7 times syang nag take ng exam bago pumasa, tiwala lang talaga!


“There are things we should be serious about and there are things we can take lightly. It is the wise person who understands the difference and does what it right all the time.
One wise person says: “I always knew that looking back on my tears would someday make me laugh, but I never knew that looking back on my laughter would someday make me cry.”



Even with early planning, you still run the risk of being so nervous during the exam (remember there is no single person that never been nervous during the exam). Physical conditioning will have to come in last in our series of tips here. What I will discuss now is more important, if you are at the 6 months before or more stage of your preparation.


Let’s cut to the chase, how do we not have amnesia on an exam?

Engr. Renigen has put the best tip succinctly and clearly:


Kulitin mo yung sarili mo dun sa formula!

Mag practice ka ng mag practice!

Matuto kang mag derive ng formula para konti lang mememoryahin mo!

(if you have a Math-intensive exam like ours).

And if I may add: … kulitin hanggang halos isuka mo na yung concepts at formula.At wag kang makakalimot mag dasal sa Diyos!


In a nutshell and in more dignified-sounding words: Formula, terms, concepts, strategies, techniques and other important things in the board exam field of study MUST, SHOULD, WILL be familiarized.


I shall use my 2 review buddies as an example on how to apply what sir. Renigen taught us:

We have a review session together with my 2 classmates, (I will hide their names as binz and dovs because they are very private person) in dovs house for 3 days, so we studied together, we studied same review materials, we share what we knew, asking some question to each other. But did you know the difference between the three of us? dovs had 5-6 hrs of sleep, and I had 8-9hrs, and binz had 10-12 hrs of sleep. He studied A LOT! We have a study session and I ended up sleeping halfway through a math problems and binz is already sleeping even though he never gets started. But dovs will continue. And we did not just solve during our review classes in PATTS or rely only for what the review center can offer or give to us, we have what we called a little extras of making kulit of our self with everything that needs to be mastered for the board exam.

Math was one subject and only 10% in board exam. I answered 1001 Engineering Math Problems books besides from what they gave us in the review center because it is already in the complete package though I know that this is not enough so I search some extra reviewer, I even enrolled to a calculus class online in Stanford university (but unfortunately I received an e-mail that saying that our class will be move on January instead of August). It all sounds so simple right? But will actually reach that point where I want to throw the books and forget about taking the exam! BUT CONTINUE! Kulit yourself to the point of brain death!

I firmly believe that this is what sets the dividing line between the passers and the topnotchers. The passers follow their feelings and only solve when they feel like it. They only aim to pass the exam, so the extra effort matters so little to them.

The top notchers are driven to top. They take a break and then get back to it as soon as possible.

“Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength….”

Feelings did not matter for me, then. I had a calendar that says solve 50 problems in Math everyday. And spend the rest of the day dividing the other subjects. In engineering, Math is the foundation. So we stick to the foundation.

Index cards with terms and formulas are really useful for me especially when I am in the vehicle. Manila paper posted on walls containing the important terms, laws, etc. This is my Principle in Studying for the exam:
Read everything at least three to five times.

The first time, to comprehend.

The second time, to improve recall.

The third time, to help you summarize.

The fourth time, to help you memorize.

The fifth time, to make it so much a part of you already that even without the book, you know it BY HEART.

“if you hear you forget, if you see you remember, but if you do you understand”


Try to solve as many problems as you can, practice is the key! There was a point in time that some problems were just naturally embedded that during the mock exam, I did not even have to solve those types of questions. I just had to look at the choices or input it directly to the calculator and I found the logical answer. That’s a golden time saver when you are having an exam under time pressure. (specially now na 100 items na yung questions sa board exam).

What did I do when I felt tempted to throw away the calendar of my review schedule? I have, on the other side of the bedroom wall a sign. It was a letter to myself which I prepared so that I will read it when I am feeling down and discouraged and unable to solve or stick to my calendar:

“Victory belongs only to those strive hard and pray hardest”

(Promise me to be a winner)

It was the REMINDER of the things I envision myself to have even before I started the review. It was my peg that defined the mindset I cultivated the entire time. And many times during my review, I will felt so swamped, so lost and so confused kung ano ang uunahin ko. But never give up.

I also wrote a bunch of notes on my bedroom wall to console and restrain myself from not having Internet during the review, It’s like putting my self in exile, or worst from not being able to talk to my friends on facebook (I feel like dying), and from not even being able to watch all the movies I wanted to watch, or television shows that I really like. From that bedroom wall of ambition and the backdrop of steady hard labor, it materialized. I had spiritual and moral support too from people who really special to me, but let’s save that for another time.




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        good luck holy spirit!! it’s your first time to take board exam., so my advice to you and all aero engr. in holy spirit that will take the exam this coming november is to MAKE A NAME, MAKE A STATEMENT!! to all aeronautical school that you are a treat to them since you are the pioneer of aero engr. in you university.. God bless hope you success in your future endevour

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    • frank says:

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    Wow, this is what i really needed! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, suggestions and encouragement! It’s so great to find your blog because I’m starting the preparations for December 2014 board exam.. God bless you!! 🙂

  38. micmejia says:

    it’s always a great privilege to help others by sharing our own experiences; here’s an article that might also help some of your readers – – God bless everyone.

  39. ben says:

    hi,ill be taking let exam this july major in TLE , since i’m only earning units for education, thnx that i have read this blogs of yours…………..pwede ka ba maka post ng mga topics related to TLE?

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    Thankyouu for this! Godblessyouu!! 🙂

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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful tips on how to prepare for the licensure exam..thank you so much..GBU..I pray that i can passed the board exam this June..

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    thank u soo much u have a beautiful heart ur willing to share ur knowledge to others hope i will pass the board exam this coming july 2014,,,,im soo greatful that i read this wonderful and inspiring tips,,,,god speed

  43. throughHIM says:

    Thank you for sharing po! We have board exam this coming October, and sadly, we are the first batch to take it. But reading your blog helped me to become motivated rather be shaken by the mere fact that we are the pioneer of the upcoming exams. Thank you and God bless you more!!! 🙂

  44. chamee says:

    Hi, my boyfriend will start his review this may for coming board exam on December, I want to know what can i do for him to motivate and help him. thanks!

  45. chamee says:

    Hi, my boyfriend will start his review this may for his coming board exam on December, I want to know what can i do for him to motivate and help him. thanks!

  46. yannie says:

    Thanks for guiding me on how to face my upcoming board exam… 😉

  47. Genelynn Pardo says:

    hi!.. thanks for this very inspiring tips.. nakakamotivate.. thank God for your life.. its so true that we need to prepare for the battle (the board exam) hehe and faith is very important.. one of my favorite verse in the bible says in Matthew 21:22 believe and if you have faith you will receive it.. 🙂 may you continue to inspire more people.. God bless you..

  48. jason says:

    1 month before may Examination….
    I need some advice how to pass the board exam..
    i scared to take the this exam..
    But when i was read this blog… i encouraging may self to read more reviewer…Lord shower me with your blessing if you will it all happen..

    i need your prayer.. for may exam this coming june 1-2-3 2014 for
    LEA Board examination..

  49. Dexter Tismo says:

    Thank you so much for the advises..I will also do what you did.I’m Sirely pass this examination with d highest rate..Good Bless you.

  50. Jacky says:

    I really do believe in this! This makes me more m0tivated to pass the board exam this November. I know Allah will help me as long as I will help myself. Thank you! 🙂

  51. hi thnx a lot!!! i made it!!! whoooaaa!!! nakuha ko din huhuhu!!! super thnx…

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    Hi sir, thank you po sa mga tips. Napakainspiring, it motivate me to do my best for the board exam this coming september.kht working ako at mahirap pagsabayin sa review nag aim parin ako sa top notchers slot. salamat po sa motivation at pasama narin po sa prayer.God Bless po.THANKS….

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    ive been realy so inspired ! I realy needed this for my 4rth time coming board exam ,, I am looking that I could be able to Pass this Dec. by God’s Grace..Thanks..

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    God Bless you bro.

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    Hi, I’m going to take the exam this August 17. Honestly ito yng greatest fear ko to take the LET exam. I never used my profession for 4 years kasi takot ako bumagsak but one thing bigla pumasok s isip ko why not coconut kesa nman masayng yng course ko. To cut the story short, yes nag file ako at nag hanap ng magandang review center. Yes I’m also doing self review since marami nman avail s internet today but sad to say kasi nga I have a work now medyo nka2pagod n din mag basa lalo n pag matagl mo d ngamit yng pinag-aralan mo. You’re absolutely correct! and I’m glad I’ve read your blog kasi na insipire nyo po ako. Sna ito yng firs take ko this 2014. Thanks for this!!

  59. Abigail jean says:

    wow,very inspiring I supposed to give up but when I read it,it motivates me to hold on even though I feel nervous cause our board exam coming a few weeks from now but I believe I can pass with hard work and prayer Godbless,sana makapasa ako hoping 🙂

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    Maraming salamat s blog mo. 🙂
    Magsisilbing inspiration ito para sa amin s december at sa lahat ng mga board exam takers.
    God bless.

  61. gerome says:

    i was thunderstrucked when i read you were also from patts. im on a middle of review now, and im very discouraged because of airlaws. but thanks to you im on my way back to the right track. you’re right this is not a dash but a marathon.

  62. Gerstwin says:

    thank you so much, i really needed this motivation, two weeks nlng before our board exam at ngayon pa parang napanghinaan ako up until I read ur post 🙂

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    Hi =)
    I would like to thank you from deep within. I am currently in the process of thinking that I did not learn anything from my 4 year course in nursing. And so I have roughly 3 months left before my board exam. So I went searching on how to effectively motivate, review, memorize and etc. then I found this. Good thing is I can relate to this so much. And hoping that nahanap ko na sana ito dati =) I would surely pass this exam because I want this for myself. Thank You ulit kuya!!!

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    ..a blessed day to u..may the Lord give u a thousands blessings to cOme..I thank u advices ..I totally inspired by or words..I always pray that I can pass d board exam this God’s grace…I put all my trust n him..from ds day I kip on studying na tlagA..
    ..thanx a lot…

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    thanks for your advice..i hope and pray ko makapasa na ako dis time..please afd

  67. rhoan says:

    good day thankful and inspired to read ur advice..i hope and i pray i passed my LET Exam dis coming august 17..i feel pasado na ako. i declare and i claim it in Jesus name.. amen. God bless us

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    Our Board of Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) is very near, and it helps me a lot that I read this techniques of yours, Thank you and God Bless you . .

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    Good day!
    Thank you so much to your blog it makes me inspired more to take the board exam. This is my second time to take, I hope and I pray it helps a lot to PASS THE BOARD EXAM FOR TEACHERS. Be positive during the exam. Don’t FEAR. To have FAITH in GOD.
    Please help me to PASS..

  71. nice one……thank u to your tips on how to pass the board exam… can help a lot of people to those having their board exam especially to me that i take this coming october 19 20 and 21 for my criminology board exam,,,,,,,u know this is my 3 times to take my board exam…..i hope i pass now with help of your tips and ……god…..

  72. jericho says:

    nice blog.. hnd sana ako magcocomment pero i think i am obliged to do so para lng ipakita na napaka-inspiring ng message mo. i am going to take the board exam this coming november 2014, pero hnd pa ko full time sa review dhl my work ako. balak ko n mag-resign sa company ko this week para nmn matutukan ko ung pag-rereview ko. and you gave me lots of tips and inspiration to do my best in passing (hopefully topping) the boards. i dont want to have any regrets in my life. and this blog will help me in my preparation. Thanks a lot sir. -i-

  73. frimo says:

    ganda ng mga tips mo sir.ganitong ganito yong gusto ko gawin bgo mg take ng board exam. last sem ko n next sem at plano ko n simulan ung pgrereview ko . since malayo pa naman ung actual review ko, ano kya ung mainam n reviewhin ko muna. terms or problem solving?

    • weliveforhim says:

      terms and problem solving are different in terms of analytically and theoretical means.. in terms of problem solving try to focus more on your basic which is the mathematics. Mathematics is the basic form of problem solving so you need to have a good foundation out of it, you need a lot of fundamentals and absorb a lot of basic in order for you to master the art of solving a problem.. it is the same with the terms start from the very beginning, this is also one of the important one in terms of problem solving, their are terms that can help or involve in a problem that you need to know in oreder for you to solve a problem.. I hope it help.. God bless

      • jericho says:

        sir. i just passed the board exam and i am really happy that i came across your blog. this helped me a lot and I am thankful for all the tips you provided. ^_^ -i-

      • weliveforhim says:

        wow!! congrats!! you perceived anything that cross to you.. always remember that this is just a beginning of your journey, never stop learning and strive to be much better from who you are today! God bless and congrats!!!

  74. ece says:

    6 days to go before our ECE board exam. Thanks for sharing these tips! God bless 🙂

  75. Anna says:

    Thanks for this blog. My board exam is just 2 weeks away and hindi parin ako prepared for it and losing hope na kumuha pa. Sana I will learn a lot of things sa few days left. I invested a lot of effort and parents money na to take this exam tpos hindi parin ako motivated/positive about it. I’m not a smart student pa naman. Im losing hope na talagaaaaa. 😦

  76. kristeta says:

    Thank you so much for the advise god bless you and mostly I will do my best to pass the MIDWIFERY LICENSURE EXAMINATION. This coming NOVEMBER 8-9..


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    ….. wow nakaka inspired basahin actually twice na ako failed sa exam sa LET when i read that wow ah… parang gusto ko ulet mag review lazy kc ako mag review math major kc ako kaya go go… thanks for that…..


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    thank u for sharing ur blog,a big help for me to strive hard for the upcoming 2015 let exam..Yes i can!

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    hi..tnks a lot 4 ur inspiring make me inspire and motivated this time after i been reading this 2x. to take board exam this dec.6-7,2014,,the truth is minsan nkakawalang gana na mag aral lalo na kung na-iisip mu na parang di ka papasa,but as u said un your dapat think positive always.and seek for the guidance of our lord.& act na parang nka-pasa kna..dats the what i”ve need most..ung positive mind set ng 1 reviewee pra pumasa sa exam..kya salamat sau mr.blogger..HOPE THAT THIS THE TIME TO SHINE..TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!PAPASA NA AKO!!!

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    im motivated .. soon ill pass the nurising board i will update u thanks 🙂

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    thank you for this awesome tips 🙂 I will hardly follow all those tips above. God bless

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    Hi! I really take time to read your blog. I feel more motivated now. I just want to share with you guys that I am a unit earner, I earned units in education in order for me to be qualified in taking the let exam. I choose bsed major in t.l.e.which they say an sobrang hirap. Tsk.. During my class I don’t have any t.l.e subjects so I don’t have any idea .kaya its really a challenge po talaga for me to pass the exam. I really need to put so much effort and pray harder. I’ll be taking the board exam on march 2015. I am currently enrolled in a review center which I think can help me a lot. I will do all the best that I can .Wish me luck*!

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    Grabe sarap basahin ng blog mo 😉 ssundin ko lahat ng tips na nabasa ko! Thanks alot!

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    wow!amazing!!:) thank you for this sir. i’m motivated now to study for the board exam.those tips and advices you’ve shared will be my guiding path in achieving my dreams…it boost my confidence and my willingness to pass the board exam.and dami ko pong nabasa na mga tips and advices from different blogs pero ngayon lang ako na motivate at nainspire mag start mag review.haha.galing!!two thumbs up for you sir:) may God bless you always:)

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    Its a big help ur tips … Thanks… YEES! Im sure I passed the board this coming march 2015.. And this is my second time but I never lose my hope,,… Thankz for ur tips…

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    Thank you so much for your very inspirable and memorable tips. I really enjoyed reading it and it motivates me to review more and more for my board exam. Once again, thank you! To God be the glory! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Salamat 🙂

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    Sir, WOW! you motivated me a lot.
    My flight is on April 28, 2015 from Tagum City to Cebu City for the upcoming review in CEERS in preparation for board exam this september 2015.

    This blog of yours makes me enthusiastic and kahit di pa nagsisimula review namin, na inspire na po nyo ako, I really need some motivations and techniques like these.

    Nasiyahan po ako sa blog nyo kasi di lang hardwork nkatuon, pati din sa faith kay God, kasi para sa akin pag feeling ko na wala ng pag asa at lahat, nagdadasal ako at kini-calim ko talaga na makuha ko yung pinagdadasal ko.

    Salamat ulit Sir at more power sa inyo sa pag motivate ng mga hopeful na papasa sa board exam.

  90. Louie Lalaguna says:

    Ay, di ko po pala nabanggit na Electrical Engineering Licensure exam po yung kukinin kung board exam.

    May God bless us all.

  91. Thank you! It helps me and inspires me to be one. I’ll be taking the LET two weeks from now so I checked for tips. Found this. ♥ To God Be the Glory.

  92. Janeth says:

    I’m almost giving up but I know I could do it. Thanks for the advice.. THINK POSITIVE ALWAYS.. I SHOULD..

  93. wow….thank you sa tips written in this 🙂 it really helps me para well prepared ako sa board exam ko one week from now (March 29,2015). Yeeha.,,,,,Thank You & God Bless sa lahat ng examinees 🙂 We can do it guys 🙂 #ThinkPositive #BeOptimistic 🙂

  94. martius.nar says:

    the exam for ree is on sunday april 26, 2015… Hoping and praying that we will pass the board exam… To God be always the glory..

  95. Analyn says:

    thank you po 🙂 I really feel motivated. September 27, 2015 be ready for the big fight !

  96. Geraldine says:

    Your advices really helps me to motivate myself more. I want to top the board exam this coming May 24, 2015. I hope I can make it. Kahit na kasabay ng review ko ang work ko. and I have my makukulit na anak ages 9, 5 and 3. And all boys. at wala kaming helper. It’s so hard na halos 2 hours na lang itinutulog ko everyday. Everyday, ginagawan ko ng paraan na makapag aral even outside our house. I sacrifice my quality time para sa family ko. Sandali na lang naman. matutupad ko na pangarap ko. I shifted board exam. Twice na kasi akong nag failed dun. But this time, I have so many reasons and motivations para ma attain ang pangarap. It’s all in the hands of our Lord Almighty. God will be done! Again, thank you sa very inspiring blog mo. God Bless you sa hindi pagiging madamot. Balitaan kita dito when I top notch the exam. Sure yan. God Bless us.

  97. ernest marie laplana says:

    nice and more motivational advice. hope it wouldd be helpful for me I am also taking an boardexam this july 2015

  98. Wow!! Interesting and a Lot of learningss from your blog sir, Thank you so much.. Hopefully, I can do it(to pass boardExam this coming November) to become a Civil Engineer soon 😀

  99. Wow!!!! Ang sarap basahin.. nkaka inspire talaga.. I’m so thankful na nabasa ko to.. :-)Thank you so much..

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    Hi. Salamat sa post na to! Naghahanap talaga ako ng tips at motivations kasi pakiramdam ko ang tamad ko. Bukas pa lng ako magsisimula. Huhu pero salamat talaga. 🙂

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    so inspiring, i feel more motivated, i will follow your tips starting tomorrow. :]

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    i feel motivated after reading your tips.. the epic words is “i take the board exam as a challege.. 😀 love it.. u inspire me alot.. i mean alllooooottttt.. 😀

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    pare u inspired me a lot ,alam mo b nagtry ako magsearch ng tips on how to pass the board exam pra mamotivate ako then clinick ko ung unang link n lumabas then habng nagbabasa ako natuwa ako tas lalo akong natuwa n taga patts pla hanggang sa nabasa ko ung dovs and binz nabigla ako grabe ang bait ni god sobra kaya kung cnu ka man alam kong klasmeyt kita kaya super thank u sa inspiration and motivation -remedy batch 2012 magreretake ako

  106. Nice blog Sir ‘WeLiveForHIM’.. That really added my motivations, INDEED!! WEW. gonna take the architecture exam @ early 2017, yet already familiarizing stock knowledge from now. will it not be wasted/forgotten since its still 1 and half yrs ahead?

  107. mhadz nilo says:

    thank you po for the tips, advises and sharing your knowledge to us. It makes me feel better, motivated and inspired. This will help me a lot sir. Godbless you po. Pray for me sir i will be taking the board exam this november. 🙂

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    Thank u so much to ur inspiring message it help me a lot.and because of the tips that ur share to us specially to me I know I can pass the board exam this coming September 27 2015.

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    Kukuha pa ako ng medtech Board exam Ngayong september!! Salamat Talaga Sa Inspiration At Tips Mo! This Will Really Help Me!

  110. Nickie Rivera says:

    thanks for this. I’ll be taking the Civil Engg board this November.. I’ve been in a slow pace in reviewing. Maybe I really should give up the habit of movie marathons. It’s what keeps me soooo slow. And I see I have the same goal with Ms Cherill up there. Hahaha. Good luck to us. See you hopefully in the field :]

  111. KAYE says:

    Thank you for a very inspiring words, I will take my 1st time board exam(CPA board) and it is my second time to a review school, somehow makes me nervous because I lost the confidence last year and to make it short I did not took the board because of problems but this time I feel its the time for me to strive on my dreams.

  112. Edwin says:

    thank you i failed last May board exam because hindi ako naka refresh tapos nag change pa ang examiner pero siguro di ko pa talga time, salamat sa blog na ito marami akong natutunan 🙂 sana makapasa na ako this november

  113. Karlo Tamayo says:

    Very inspiring. Kahit sa April 2016 pa ako gagraduate and take the board exam in the same year i am very thankful that i read this inspiring message. And now i have the feeling to pass the board exam ONCE. God Bless 🙂

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    Maraming Maraming Salamat Sayo ^_^ Kundi Ako Mag TTOP sa criminology board exam namen this coming october 17 , 18 , 19 for sure papasa ako maraming salamat marami akong natutunan sa blog mo . Godbless ^_^ lalo ako naging positive 🙂

  115. Mark Empeo says:

    i browse the web to find tips such as techniques and sample problem with solutions regarding taking the board exam, but what i found was the best tip for me to pursue this dream,
    thanks for this pakiramdam ko kayang kaya ko na ngayon ang exam. 🙂

  116. Sarah says:

    kakainspire po lahat ng sinabi nyo sir, I’m a graduate also of Aeronautical Engineering, and will take the board exam this november 3,4, and 5. yet 3 months na lang po pero wala pa ako narereview ng maayos, hindi ko na po alam gagawin ko, I do not know what to start or how to start my review, may you give me some advice? thank you sir, God bless

  117. gie says:

    Hi sir. I failed the exam twice. I plan to take the exam this May 2016.working na po ako kaya mejo kulang tlga time ko but then i was motivated and inspired after reading your blog. I’m hoping and praying that this would be my last exam.GOD BLESS

  118. Arata says:

    Interesting. This was very insightful and thank you for sharing your experience! The struggle of reviewing for the board exam is no joke this post took a little load off my shoulders. Thank you again!

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  121. while I’m reading these tips I am so motivated. 26 days to go before the examination. I hope I will pass this exam. Im so happy to read this so inspiring.

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    tnx i found this website . thanks for the advice and all the tips.
    i will be taking board exam this coming april 2016. MLEX

  123. Thank you so much for this! 🙂

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    Really Inspiring ! i wont give up !!!! 🙂

  125. Passing the Board Exam is one of the best accomplishment a new graduate can have. And I agree that having a good review center can greatly increase someone’s chances in passing the Board Exam.

  126. Thanks for sharing such great ideas! It really helps a lot. I prepared the exam with such passion before and it really helped me in passing the exam.

    For those who needs an online reviewer, you can try my online reviewer for free.

  127. Niza says:

    Good day. In your opinion, is self-studying sufficient in preparing for the board exams or is enroling in a review center the better option? Thank you.

  128. Ramel says:

    Kudos Sir! You’ve inspired a lot by this article. Free online reviewer for everyone:

  129. Sarah says:

    Thank you for making this post. I am currently a 5th year chemical engineering hoping to graduate this march. I will take the board exam by November 2016 or April 2017. Your post really inspired me to start self-reviewing especially when you said that you wrote yourself a letter to read when you feel so down. I will do that also. I have a long way to go kasi average student lang ako and hindi ganung marami yung learnings ko kasi state university lang yung school ko. Pinapahirapan pa kami ng isang prof namin ngayon. Pero okay lang. I’m just keeping my positive mindset na kakayanin ko lahat if samahan ko ng hardwork tsaka paniniwala sa Panginoon. Thank you ulit. God bless you!

  130. Erl khalifa says:

    Everyone please pray for me as I take my licensure examination this nov. 10-11. This blog helps me a lot. It motivates me. It gives me hope. Goodluck to all of us.

    • ghing says:

      I’m a mother of 3 kids, presently working in Accounting Department. kayanin ko kaya? repeater na po ako next year. dalawang board exam ang kukunin ko early 2016 and mid 2016. Nakapag review na ako sa review center, balak kong mag self review na lang kasi nanghihinayang na ako sa pera. imbis na pang tuition na lang ng mga tsikiting ko. pero sana kayanin ko. sobrang na disappoint na ko nung 2 failures ko e. nakaka baba ng self esteem especially alam sa office na nag take ako. napahiya ako talaga. mataas kasi expectation nila sa kin e. God will be done.

    • erwin says:

      Thanks for the tips….

  131. erwin says:

    Thanks for this tips…

  132. Gbo says:

    Salamat dahil meron post na tulad nito,namomotivate ako,naiinspire at higit sa lahat natutulungan akong bumalik sa mga sinabi ko sa sarili ko na kailangan ipasa ko ang board exam.ECE Graduate po ako at nagtake na ko ng board exam sa unang pagkakataon ngunit hindi ako pinalad na pumasa.alam ko naman ang mga pagkakamali ko at pagkukulang kaya ngayon mas determinado na kong ipasa ang board exam.ECE ang may pinakamahirap na board exam ngayon sa PRC at ayaw ko nang sayangin pa ang ikalawang pagkakataon,hindi ko pa rin kasi maiwasan ang mga tukso tulad nitong pag-iinternet kaya para makaiwas nagsearch nalang ako ng ‘how to pass the board exam’ at nakita ko nga ito.malaking tulong para lalo ko pang pagbutihan ang pagrereview ko.bumagsak ako sa board exam dahil hindi ko ginawa lahat ng makakaya ko nuon,ngayon mas alam ko na ang mga dapat kong gawin at nagpapasalamat ako sa post na to dahil lalo pa kong nalinawan.hindi lang din tungkol sa pagpasa ito dahil nailapit din ako nito sa diyos para lalo pa syang makilala.

  133. renvil says:

    thank you sir for the advice and inspiration … godbless

  134. rocky says:

    Dear author,

    I believe that this post has been on the web for 3 years now but let me just say that this one’s a classic! I came across this one because I was just looking for some helpful tips on prepping on our mock board exam which is scheduled early next week, by the way, and your post was on top and I just had to try my luck. I am starting to feel nervous, as in downright jittery, right now but your post helped me a lot to just relax and take it easy! Hehehe. I agree with the other comments that this post of yours is totally useful preparing ourselvesa physically, mentally and emotionally for the boards.

    Anyhoo, I won’t make my comment any longer but please allow me to give my best wishes to all the students (hopefully I am included) who will take the upcoming May 2016 CE Licensure Exams and the one after that and the one after that…
    God bless us all!

    Raquel H.

  135. Jay-r says:

    Hi. thank you for this. it’s a good read. It motivated me even more. I’m taking my board exam for medical technology. althought It’s far from your course it’s still helpful in one way or the other. anyhow, i’m just grateful for this. It deserve credit when I pass the board exam. i believe it’s conducive to my achivement. 😀God Bless!

  136. marsha lee relator says:

    thank you very much for sharing.

  137. Lovejoy Millare says:

    Hello Author!

    Thanks for your blog, I feel so motivated. I’m going to take the exam for chemist this coming October 4-5, 2016. I’ll do everything to pass the exam, thru God’s guidance I’ll be a Registered Chemist… Lovejoy Millare R.Ch. …. !!!! I will claim it na… he he… Thank you…

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    Thank you so much for inspiring us.We are preparing for our ND board exam that will happen on August 2016 and right now we are doing our self review.Thank you for this blog.Is is indeed helpful to us.

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    Thank you so much ..after reading I was motivated..

  145. Em Vie says:

    Thank You so much for your tips for your time sharing. It motivates me, gives me hope. God is really Good. I will strive to pass the LET.

  146. Mark says:

    Thank you very much… Big help..

  147. ladu says:

    Thank u… Make me motivated..

  148. Jet Lee says:

    Thank you ,nakakainspire naman mga tips mo.I am preparing for electrical engineering board exam ,self review ako laking tulong na nabasa ko ang nasa blog na to.:)Kaht self review ko ito2p ko pa rin to para ang sunod ay pasa.,Thank you Again.

  149. Alec says:

    Thank you!!!! sana makapasa!

  150. Joannie says:

    When I read your blog,it’s inspire me to take advantage. I hope it will help me to take my boardexam pass this coming september 2016. .may GOD bless us and also pray for me to do with this with no nervous. Thnx for your knowledge to share with us..GOD BLESS YOU..

  151. Art says:

    Thank you for making this blog. I had learmed much in preparing the board exam. I promise myself to strive more harder in preparing my board examination. Promise i will comment back after our examination to thank you for making this inspirational blog. 😊

  152. Shiela says:

    Thank you for the encouragement

    • weliveforhim says:

      YOu’re welcome.. I know that you can do it.. as an agriculturist I know you can contribute a lot in the development of our country.. God bless you, may God give you strength and wisdom!

  153. Mel says:

    Very inspiring post!
    Thanks for this, bro. 😉
    I also have a testimony.

  154. cute says:

    Sir! thank you for helping us to encourage our self, and motivating us through this blog..=) thumbs up!

  155. jepoy says:

    hi sir.nainspire ako sa blog mo.:) pero di ko alam kung ano at pano ako magsstart magreview.:( sir motivate me more please 😔😭

  156. Dave Jarmin says:

    Thank you so much .. 😘😘😘

  157. cha pita says:

    i’m hoping i ca make it to pass this coming guidance & counseling this coming aug. 2 & 3, 2017.

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